Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reading Museum Spring Gardens

IMG_3631a, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.

The Spring blooms probably started a week or two early due to the mild "hot" weather.

As in prior posts, the Reading Public Museum grounds are worthy of a photo walk. The whole Wyomissing Creek trail offers a variety of subject matter too.

Max and I headed out late morning, still about 45 degrees, and our first walk in a long time. He was thrilled by the outing with it's hundreds of new smells to explore.

This was a challenging shoot, for a steady breeze, cold hands and energetic dog were constantly pulling or pushing against my one-handed shooting technique with my new Canon SX20.

Lots of bright light, fast shutter speeds and just enough breaks in the wind allowed me to shoot a number of representative shots.

I bought the Canon in December 2009 and am still getting used to the numerous features and heft of this model. No real complaints, just a new learning curve.