Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joanna Furnace World War Two Weekend

Another must see event at Joanna Furnace is the WWII weekend held July 20th.

A wonderful tribute by reenactors and even a few living verterans were there with memorabilia and great stories.

Exceptionl food, vendors and a large collection of period military vehicles and classic cars filled the grounds for the hundreds of fans in attendance.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wings and Wheels - Golden Age Air Museum

I believe the sweltering hot weekend hurt the attendance of this unique and fun event.

WW reenactors had encampments. Classic cars showed up and many bi-planes flew in for the festival.

Probably 30 plus airplanes, many quite old, parked on the field for close inspection and some were available for rides.

Food trucks and live entertainment were also available for enjoyment.

Located in Bethel PA, the Golden Age Air Museum had some wonderful airplane models and a few outdoor hangers had fullsize planes being reconditioned.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shikellamy State Park Marina

This iconic building, unfortunately vacant for most of it's existence, is a dramatic sentry facing the incoming river branches.

The mile long multi-use trail that wraps around the south end of the island is always in use. In the car, Max squeals when he realizes that we are en route to the Marina.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rickett's Glen - Harrison Wright Falls

A 90 plus degree was the forecast, so a trip into the cool wood of Rickett's Glen was a good way to escape the heat.

The humidity was high and caused some slippery travel and challenging low light photography, but then the sun came out and saturated the falls with bright light.

It's not a long walk to the falls from the parking lot, but heed the warnings when they say the path is rough. It is!

I like the 1st three falls because they are the best in my opinion. After that I usually turn around, but for the adventure lover, 30 plus falls are available between the two branches of the streams.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ring Toss at Community Days - Shillington

A hugely popular mid-summer event at the Governor Mifflin school campus, this carnival has something for everyone.

There is a quarter mile midway with the typical games as barkers try to lure the spectators with promises of grand prizes.

Rows of food carts are wildly popular with trendy food choices as well as the countless fair food staples.

A variety of high priced rides avail for all ages.

Fleetwood Car Show

One of the numerous rows of exquisite cars.

1933 Chrysler - Fleetwood Car Show

Fleetwood Car Show had a great turnout of the numerous classic and custom cars in the county.

Good food and entertainment met all the needs of the spectators and car owners.

A donation to the fire dept was admission and seemed more than fair.

Kutztown Folk Festival - Farmall

In its 65th year, the Kutztown Folk Festival is the folklife festival in America.

Celebrating the Pennsylvania Dutch (aka German) Culture, it attracts 150,000 visitors a year.

Wonderful German cuisine and skilled crafters line fairgrounds. Rides, live entertainment, animals, games and shopping offer something for everyone.