Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sea Isle City - Bay Sunset

bay side sunset, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.
Sea Isle City, NJ offers something for everyone. Great beaches, good restaurants, fun activities and night life. 

Parts of the barrier island are so narrow that the road is all that separates the bay from the dunes and beach.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fiddler crabs - Corson's Inlet State Park

Fiddler crabs, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.
Bonding with nature during morning magic hour at Corson's Inlet State Park at the New Jersey shore.

Armies of these tiny crabs, with big attitudes, scurry off the trail and into their burrows as they feel the vibrations of me approaching. I thought I could trick them so I stood still in the middle of their colony and within a few they resumed crabby behavior. Now crawling within inches of my shoes, I was able to capture a lot of behavior photo's.

Corson's Inlet State Park is a quiet and picturesque place at the north end of Strathmere. Long, nearly private beaches run along the inlet and wrap around the peninsula to the ocean.

Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ

Taj Mahal, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.
While briefly visiting Sea Isle City, I took an early drive up the coast to drive through Atlantic City and the shore towns along the way.

I hadn't been to A.C. in over 20 years so I didn't really know what to expect. I would describe it as the ultimate juxtaposition of extremes. The modern, sleek casinos versus the old just-getting-by streets a mere two blocks away from the beach.

Political opinion could be argued that casinos enrich the community with a tax stream, but it's hard to see this in 30-40 years of practice. However, there was a lot of construction projects, like a new casino being finished, street enhancements, and clearing of many lots a block from the casinos (not sure what was on these lots previously?).

Ultimately, I do want to go back to A.C. to walk the board walk and visit some of the casinos and capture the street scenes.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Philadelphia Pro Bike Race

Logan Circle, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.
A chilly morning and mild temperatures indicate that a fast pace race was in order.

I walked up and down the Ben Franklin Parkway from Logan Circle to Kelly Drive by the Art Museum to capture the various backgrounds.

I like this one mile stretch of the 15 mile course for it offers great low angle shots and things to do when the racers are elsewhere on the course.

Located here are the vendor and food booths, feed zone, the TD Waterhouse sponsor area with free cow bell and backpack giveaways.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Philadelphia Bourse (First Friday)

Philadelphia Bourse, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.
The First Friday of June was a great time to check out Old City Philadelphia. We took a stroll through the Independence Mall area and visited the classic Bourse building.

Along 2nd and 3rd streets, the art galleries and shops stay open late inviting strollers to come in and see their skills. Restaurants, most with cafe's, are abundant along Market St.

Lot parking is pricey, $20+, so feeding a meter kiosk at $1.50 per hour is actually way cheaper.