Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stinson Run (Hay Creek Watershed)

Max & I visited Hay Creek Watershed. We parked along SR82 and walked in the old railroad bed. The trail splits where you can follow the railroad along the Hay Creek or go up over the hill to Stinson Run (one of the three reservoirs).

The stream is stocked every spring so it's popular with fishermen. I have seen trout year-round in the stream, so some must be 2nd generation or greater.

The hilly path is relatively steep and offers diverse flora. The path joins the road slightly below Stinson Run Reservoir. Proceed up the road for first glimpse. It's impressive, but not as dramatic as Birdsboro Reservoir. The road laps the lake and offers at least three trail heads for further exploration.

This 4 mile trek is popular with horseback riders and dog walkers.

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