Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blue Marsh Lake (Early Fall Color)

Red Leaves, originally uploaded by Berks_Awhile.

Max and I parked at the parking area where Justa Road ends. Justa Road is just a short distance from the Highland Road and the Old Dry Road Farm where I usually start my walks. The lot has trails going into the surrounding fields or you can follow the gated road towards the lake.

A bunch of riders were unloading their horses from the six or so trailers. We ran into them a couple more times for they covered the same roads as us.

Justa Road meets Sleepy Hollow Road, which runs along a finger of the lake and ends at the ramp. This is my favorite leg of the hike since you can see the lake through the back lit trees. Also, many of the trees were in full color along the lake offering vivid colors to photograph.

A few boats were on the lake, but not the greatest reflections.

I'd estimate that we walked about a 2 miles on a mild and sunny 62 degree day.


You may have noticed the new larger picture in this blog. I am now using Flickr to store and link to my images. I like the size and the opportunity to share more pictures then this blog can physically handle.

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