Friday, November 6, 2009

Conowingo Dam (Bald Eagle Watch)

On November 6, 2009, we trekked about 70 miles to the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in MD.

I learned that early November was near prime viewing of the Bald Eagles as they are migrating.

It was a clear cold day, maybe 40 degrees, but felt much colder along the gusty river.

My camera is really no match for the reach of the rigs mounted on the heavy duty tripods. Some of these folks could have bought a small car with their camera and lens investment.

It was a great outing and my goal to see Bald Eagles was more then satisfied.

Initially, it took a little time to find them in the mix of the all the bird activity generated by the water release, but once you recognize their soaring flight pattern and size, they actually stand out.

During the hour or so we visited, an eagle was almost always present. The cold temps and frozen fingers took it's toll and I finally wrapped it up.

Lots of really great photos on Flickr of the Bald Eagles of Conowingo. In fact, there is a group dedicated to the subject.

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