Friday, March 18, 2011

Birdsboro Reservoir (First Spring)

Late afternoon at the Hay Creek Watershed was the remedy for a severe case of Spring fever. Sunny and temp around 75 amounts to perfect weather.

It felt great after a relatively inactive winter for Max and I to get out and take a photo walk. Two hours and over two miles in the park flew by as we saw all the usual sights.

The shoulders along old SR82 were cut short so very little activity there, at least above the surface.

The discharge from Birdsboro Reservoir was charging in it's path along the road. Nice sunlit shots were abundant.

Breezes at the reservoir added texture to the surface and abstracted the reflections.

The canal was deep and clear. A few frogs and a snake made an appearance as well an underwater salamander.

The Hay Creek was rushing full force and it was apparent it has receded from it's highest water for the shore lines were matted down from the past heavy and moving waters.

On our way out we passed about 20 people walking in to enjoy the weather and sights of the park.

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