Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading Public Museum and West Reading

Nursing a sore ankle, so I thought an "urban" environment would be less stressful then hopping rocks, and hurdling logs.

Well, have you seen what happens to the sidewalks in mature neighborhoods in West Reading? A small consequence of big, old, beautiful mature trees is invasive root systems that skew most sidewalk slabs within three feet of the trunk. I pictured bikes, Big Wheels and strollers vigorously bouncing over the uneven pavements.

Keeping one eye on the ground and another for photo ops, I made it (with Max of course) to the Museum where the trails are paved and wide.

As I shared in prior posts, the grounds next to Parkside Road North are so impressive. The early Spring collection of flowers gave way to the early Summer collection of colorful Lillies and other species.

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