Saturday, June 6, 2009

SGL-52 (First Visit)

I learned about SGL52 from Ken Lebo, a regular contributor to the Berks County Nature Blog (Reading Eagle).

Max & I visited about 9:30 AM on a mild 60 degree morning. There are three parking lots along Edwards Road and I stopped at the last and largest one, just a few hundred feet from the turnpike.

The main reason I chose this spot was to check out the Black Creek, but there were no trails. So we followed the rolling tractor road up the hill. Tons of colorful wildflowers were along the road and song birds were everywhere.

In the road, a turkey hen and chick spotted us and quickly laid in the long grass next to the road rather then running into the deep brush. As we approached, we spotted each other simultaneously and she hopped up, squawked and flew away leaving her baby to fend for itself.

Max is always leashed, but his uncanny tracking skills found the scent trail of the highly camouflaged chick. I guided him away from the hiding spot and he quickly picked up another scent as we proceeded on the walk.

Warning: This place is tick infested. The worst I have ever been to. The plants that drape into the road must have been loaded for I pulled multiple ticks off Max several times. I was doused in my organic non-DEET repellent so they avoided me I guess. I've noticted that tall grass (above 3") continues to be most common habitat for ticks. but they are surely anywhere outdoors.

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