Monday, September 28, 2009

Blogiversary (One Year Old)

Friday, September 26 was the one year anniversary of when I started posting to Google blogger. It's been a fun project and perfect excuse to get off the couch to learn, discover, and enjoy my surroundings. As a result of the blog, I find myself not only composing photos, but words too, as I walk Max on the trails.

I hope you enjoy the photo journal. I do deviate from Berks County and the nature from time-to-time, but I think those subjects are photogenic and interesting too.

Please feel free to make comments. It's like Christmas when I see a Berks Awhile comment notification in my email.

Upcoming Posts
Keep visiting in October for I've listed no less then 13 different nature locales that I want to capture in fall color. The always fun Joana Furnace Apple Festival is on Saturday, October 10.

Also, I'm still word smithing the Las Vegas posts, but my ridiculous 2400 photos take time to organize and edit.


  1. I have enjoyed your photo blog, and yours was the inspiration for mine.
    I have found that this becomes a learning experience for me, and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration and your lovely blog.
    Foulke Photographer

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Great to see that you're getting out and enjoying and sharing your surroundings.