Friday, September 25, 2009

Middle Creek Wildlife Area (Waterfowl Festival)

Another cool event hosted by Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is Waterfowl Festival. The talent of the carvers is remarkable. Besides carvers, are a few painters, decoy makers, carver supply dealers, and duck call designers and sellers.

Wildlife Management is a paradox to me. Basically, the land provides an ideal habitat for wildlife to feed, reproduce and flourish so that the "excess" can be hunted.

I'm not opposed to hunters or hunting as a sport. It's fees are the means to preserve the great land masses for both hunters and non-hunters to enjoy. It truly is a balance, a scientific balance too, that seems to be working.

The gardens that were so photogenic a month earlier are waning, but still offered lots of color and bees to photograph. The fields are highlighted with yellow golden rod with lots of browns and greens.

Another great day of weather, capping a weekend of great early fall weather featuring cool 50-degree nights and 75-degree day temp. The broad temp swings and moisture are key elements to vibrant colors of the leaves that is forthcoming.

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