Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exeter Scenic River Trail

Starting at Gibraltar Road on the Schuylkill River this river view trail runs 2.35 miles before it merges with the Klapperthal Trail, of the Neversink Mountain Trail system, near the railroad underpass just south and behind the Forest Hills Cemetery.

This was a mild afternoon walk with Max during magic hour. The sun was really rich and the colors were plentiful but still a week or two away from prime fall color season.

We started at the Forest Hills Cemetery and followed the Klapperthal Trail south which was narrow and rocky, like the ones used in a railroad track bed. The climax of the trail was a long tunnel that runs until the train tracks. First sight after the tunnel was the well maintained Exeter Scenic River Trail.

A path to the river bank was the first detour and well worth it. The view up the smooth river offered reflections and the dramatic colors of Neversink Mountain in the background.

We followed the trail along the river looking for back lighting opportunities and water shots. A little past the enormous Rt 422 bridge we turned around and returned back.

I took my time leaving the cemetery due to the many brightly colored trees at near peak.

Sunny 60 and about 2 miles.

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