Saturday, October 18, 2008

French Creek - Scotts Run (Fall Color)

Mid afternoon to up to PSU kickoff for a two hour walk around Scott's Run Lake at French Creek State Park. I took the last parking place for it was a stellar fall day. Fishing, hiking, biking, and picnicking were the main activities that I observed.

Max and I lap the lake a couple times a year. The 2 mile trail is primative and getting wet and muddy is unavoidable. At the opposite end of the lake is the spring and wetlands that feeds the lake so a water crossing is required.

The colors were great, not quite prime but that can change quickly with a few more cold nights and warm days. I selfishly don't want rain or wind for they spell doom for the leaves prematurely.

When we got back to the dam, Max was still strong so we hiked down the unmarked and unnamed "Scott's Run Trail". Water flow was slow with a light babbling sound as the stream rolled over the rocks. What was thick and lush green two months ago is now shades of brown and yellow or gone completely.

Little Max got fooled by a pool of water coated with leaves. His curiosity got the best of him as he stepped on it and went under. He matter-of-factly swam a couple doggy paddles to the rocks and climbed out, shook dry and on our way.

In a few minutes we exited to Park Road, turned left on the shoulder for 100 yards and then cut back into the woods at the green blaze (Lenape Trail). This straight leg of the hike seems brief compared to the meandering stream path in the opposite direction.

We got the car in time for the kick off and I cringed all the way home as PSU started off slowly to their rival Michigan Wolverines. The 2nd half was all Penn State though. We Are!

Total hike lasted about 2 hours, 3 miles, and the temp topped out at a sunny 60.


  1. Beautiful Pictures! They make me remember growing up in the North. Fall time is so beautiful in the North. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Thank you for commenting. It's good to hear the feedback.