Friday, October 31, 2008

Exeter Scenic River Trail

With the end of daylight savings looming, future afternoon walks will be in dark, so the last weeknight fall afternoon needed to be enjoyed.

We parked behind the Trout Run sports complex across from the Exeter do-it-yourself composting area. It's just a short path to the river at mile marker one.

It was magic hour so the lighting was strong with numerous well lit scenes. I like this walk, but I admit that I struggled to find a variety of photo subjects. Especially ones different from the last time I visited Oct. 12, '08. This is good in a way, for it challenges me to look at the scenes differently.

There are plenty of good shots available anywhere you go which is evident if you shoot with a group of photographers in a common location. Comparing shots later reveals similar artistic looks, but also a totally diverse collection of angles and subjects.

The path we followed was about a half mile down river towards Gibraltor Rd then reverse tracks to walk the length of the trail to its end at railroad under pass (mile marker 2.38).

Max has been a walking machine lately as he easily trekked this 3.8 mile exercise at nearly 3MPH.

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