Friday, October 24, 2008

Birdsboro Waters (Hay Creek Watershed)

It was a dreary looking afternoon at the Birdsboro Waters (Hay Creek Watershed), but the lack of blue skies and sun was not a hindrance to a great photo outing. The sky reminded me of light box for it's bright gray color and back lighting effect.

The shoulder of the road lacked the colorful flora and insects that were so prevalent just a month or two ago, but still had plenty of plants just in a different stage of their life cycle. The milkweed makes a great macro with all its wispy tailed seeds. Some of the fall leaves looked like they were individually lit.

Coincidentally it was the first day of anterless deer season for archers so the parking area was full of vehicles. I have never seen a deer, but plenty of their trails exist. In the fall, I wear a red fleece jacket for added visibility. Max has his bright blue harness.

The road to the Birdsboro Reservoir was lined with brightly colored leaves. The lake was calm, reflective and quiet accept for a noisy Kingfisher buzzing the water surface repeatedly.

From 4:00-5:30PM and a mild 55 degrees.

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