Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birdsboro Waters (Hay Creek Watershed) COLD!

Following the Saturday snow dusting, I wanted to see some snow on the shores of the Birdsboro Reservoir. The parking on SR82 was not maintained and packed down hard and slippery from recent traffic.

The road back to the lakes was snow covered. Max did pretty good initially, but by the end he was ready to get out of the cold and get to his blanket and seat warmer.

The lighting was beautiful, but conditions uncomfortable with a 29 air temp and 20+MPH wind gusts. Skies of blue with puffy white clouds were as much the subject as the water. No mirror-like reflections due to the constant wind, but the sky color was still present in the layers of little waves.

In my minds eye, the lighting looked spectacular, to the camera's eye it became confused. Nearly every shot had to be overridden to overexpose or underexpose due to the bright snow, dark shadow and trees and super bright sky. Many of the shots with the best potential needed a tweak in Kodak's Easyshare to reflect how I remembered them. The best advice for these lighting conditions is bracket and experiment. The keepers are well worth the additional editing.

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