Sunday, December 14, 2008

French Creek State Park (Winter Magic Hour)

I needed a little nature to balance out this weekend, so Max and I visited French Creek for "magic hour", or the hour or two leading up to sunset.

Many years ago, I went through a sunset phase where I would stop by Marsh Creek State Park after work almost daily to photograph the magic hour and sunsets. I still like to shoot sunrises and sunsets, but I don't commute by a lake anymore so capturing them is more coincidental then planned.

The last couple of times we tried to lap Hopewell Lake we lost daylight once and got caught in a torrential rain, so we just stayed on the East side. I thought the beavers might be on the move too. In spite of all the tree damage from the beach inlet to the dam, there was no lodge on the East side.

The sun was waining so I waited on the dike until it passed behind the trees. A bunch of shots later the scene was over. On the return walk the temps were dropping fast and the opposite sky was now the show. Great clouds and reflection photos from the fishing pier finished off a successful 2 mile walk.

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