Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daniel Boone

The fog and drizzle were hanging around all morning, so I went out to look for some shots. Max was along as we drove through Birdsboro along SR724 and ended up in Douglasville again.

Perhaps I could see the buildings at Daniel Boone in fog bank so drove in. The park was empty except for one car with a solo walker in the Saw Mill parking lot.

Too late for the fog, so we just decided to take a walk along the lake. A few geese floated by, but it was quiet.

Steadily brightening skies suddenly broke and turned into blue skies and clouds just as we were walking up to the old farm. The good lighting lasted maybe 15 minutes then turned gray again. A random theme for the day as a major storm front was tracking upon the area.

Max went nose-to-nose with one of the horses as it got a drink from a bucket on the ground and was a bit jittery by the huge black eyes looking back. The older docile looking horse still had her winter long hair and basically had no reaction to us.

The temps were near 70 and humid for one of the craziest weather days of the year. After coming home, the temps immediately dropped about 20 degrees, thunder clapped, and a tornado warning loomed until 6 PM.

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