Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mutschler's Florist and Rare Plants (Spiritual Eye Candy)

Another stop on our Birdsboro/Douglasville photo shoot was Mutschler's Florist and Rare Plants. Literally, it's located across the road from the Sheetz on SR422.

The business setting is a 200 year old home and attached barn. Outside offers a pond and garden center. Inside they have cut flowers, plants, a tropical greenhouse, gifts from around the world, and even antiques.

I've been visiting here for years and every time I walk away saying how cool this place is. When I was describing this place to John (Flickr), I said it's indescribable, but you'll love it.

Bob Mutschler, a renowned orchid expert and educator, gave us a private tour detailing so many interesting facts about the history of the building and items in it. The barn has a hidden room, only accessible from a tunnel, where the Underground Railroad once operated. Under a few loose floor boards in the house's former kitchen is still the only way into the tunnel and secret room.

The greenhouse has dozens of common and unique orchids, some intoxicatingly fragrant. It's also the home of a pair of 30+ year old coi. Bonsai and cactus plants are everywhere too. It's apparent that he loves his collection of unique inventory, both living and inanimate.

Bob offers classes about orchids, bonsai, and even ponds. I know people who attended the orchid class and really enjoyed it.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would say the tropical greenhouse. It's always warm, bright, humid and smells like a rain forest. The soothing new age music that's piped in creates a relaxing experience. There are literally plants/trees over 20 years old that have become fixtures.


  1. Wow. That is the kind of place that I would love to run if I ever get to retire!


  2. Hi Kathy, Sounds like your kind of place. Maybe you could visit and talk shop with Bob.

  3. Hi this is Rob from Mutschler's someone just told me a week ago about your blog of our buisness. Looks very nice. Included an updated link to our webpage. It has the old classes page.

    Rob Mutschler

  4. I wish there were more rare plant dealers around. Would love to visit this place.

  5. Thanks for you comment. I visited in Feb to escape the grayness of the PA winter and was revived and inspired by the warm tropical scene. The relaxing "new age" music that is piped in enhances the peaceful mood.