Saturday, March 21, 2009

Philadelphia - Northeast (Spring Arrives)

Visiting family in Northeast Philadelphia requires walking Max around the neighborhoods. Not only does he need it after patiently enduring the hour plus ride, he feels entitled.

He loves city walking. So many dogs and targets offers and endless sensory feast. We've visited all over Philly: South Street, Penns Landing, Old City, and the Art Museum.

The neighborhood park had a bunch of cherry trees in pre-prime bloom and color, while Crocus had popped up in the little front gardens of the duplexes.

The sunny 60 degree day had the kids out. The playgrounds were full of basketball players, little swingers, and monkey bar climbers.

The highlight of the day is the "Early Bird Special" at the Green Papaya restaurant. Located in a little strip mall at 7933 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152 offers a variety of Vietnamese, Cajun and American fusion cooking.

A faded sign over the front is all that identifies this modest local favorite. We usually arrive right after opening so we get exclusive attention and the freshest and hottest possible meals. I typically get a great steak, with "real" mashed potatoes and slightly stir-fried vegetables. Soups and salads are exceptional too. Pecan Pie and Chocolate Cake desserts are amazing and perfect endings.

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