Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birdsboro Reservoir (Spring Green!)

Max and I headed out early for the forecast was for a hot day. It was mild, 50F, (headed for 85F), and still cloudy at 8AM when we arrived.

A handful of vehicles were there, mainly trout fishermen, but we did see a biker and a couple hikers though.

It has been several months since the last visit so the first glance at the mirror-like reflections when we crest the hill at Birdsboro Reservoir, invokes a happy sigh.

Max was thrilled too, to be outside walking and to be sniffing new scents. As we lapped the reservoir, the clouds passed and the sun became exposed. This created some depth to the scenes that I was photographing with flat light just a few minutes before.

It was a short 1:15 outing, but still a great morning nature fix.

Hay Creek Watershed was fresh on my mind since talking with Meredith Chalfant, the Executive Director, at the Reading Earth Day celebration last weekend. Fresh updates to their site keep the public informed about the honorable conservation efforts they are working towards.


  1. This is a place that I recently heard about and have been meaning to explore with the camera. You've inspired me to make a visit in the very near future. Great shots.

  2. Hi Russ, Thank you for the feedback. Glad to hear that you're inspired too. I wish it was a little easier getting to, but remember that the journey can be as memorable as the destination.