Tuesday, April 21, 2009

French Creek State Park (Calm, then the Storm)

A spontaneous visit to French Creek this week almost ended the same way as the November 18 outing. By the time we hit the dam, the beautiful 60 degree sunny sky turned into heavy dramatic clouds that lead to a major rain storm. Prior rainy days left the trails even more muddy then on Friday's visit.

Hopewell Lake is the perfect evening walk. Great skies, potential sunsets, reflections and chance wildlife sightings are the draw. Lake activity is common too which makes for interesting photo subjects.

A warning about ticks
Any warm weather over 45 degrees brings out the ticks. Plenty of them were out and visible. Needless to say, precautionary tick repellent is only partially effective. A thorough clothing and pet search and rub down are in order. A post hike shower is necessary too. This is my routine every hike and even hours later, ticks have been found on the dog and in the house.

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