Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reading Public Museum Arboretum (Don't Miss It)

Wow! The Reading Public Museum Arboretum was on my list of quests for cherry blossoms and spring flowers, but I was blown away by the flower and rock garden that is situated on the bank of Parkside Drive.

There are a handful of parking places on Parkside Drive North with several paths leading to the gardens, trails and Wyomissing Creek. The views of the museum were great with the cherry and willow trees framing the front of the building.

Near the museum, the almost-domestic ducks and geese were present and anticipating a hand out. Their docile behavior make them easy photo subjects, but I am not a big fan of feeding bread to wildlife on several levels.

The walk along the creek (both sides) to Trudy's Garden and back was peaceful and beautiful and never disappoints in any season. The Museum and Arboretum Architects continue to beautify the area making it one the best public gardens around.

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