Friday, April 17, 2009

French Creek State Park - Spring Fever!

A sunny, warm (68 degrees) spring day had me excited to get out to see some Berks nature. When I need a nature fix, French Creek State Park delivers. Max was excited too after a tough weather week limited our walks.

A lot of people were out, fishing from land and boats, kayaking, and walking the trails. The Boy Scouts were setting up at the Group Camping site which looked like a lot of fun. There's nothing like sitting next to a fire on a chilly night. They'll have some life long memories of this outing.

At first it was breezy at Hopewell Lake, but the wind stopped as the sun went down, making a mirror out of the surface. We lapped the lake with a brief visit to Hopewell Furnace National Park. Warm evening light illuminated the old buildings and picturesque setting.

Beaver feeding activity was apparent, but no sign of them with all the water sports. They'll come out after dusk. A fellow nature-lover, with her new kayak, spotted a bald eagle over the lake too. I photographed some nice stands of Bloodroot that were along the trail below the dam and on the north shore.


  1. Very nice series, Mike. It was a great day for photography with the warm spring temps. You might want to adjust the bottom photo. The horizon line looks askew. My boy scout troop camped at French Creek last month. It was a great weekend to be sleeping under the stars.

  2. Hi Russ, Thanks for the feedback and inspiration. I thought your French Creek night shot under the stars was exceptional. I emailed my friend your blog to take a look at it. Your shots of Daniel Boone inspired me to visit and now its one of my regular stops.