Sunday, July 5, 2009

Angelica Creek Trails

Angelica Creek Park has a field-like appearance from SR10, but up close it is brimming with activity. A warm, breezy and bright 80 degree afternoon brought Max and I out for a memorable walk in the sun.

Maybe a half mile or so of trails run along the former lake bed on both sides of Angelica Creek. The planners who designed the park did a nice job with the wildflower selection. Not only is it colorful, but serves the purpose of providing a food source for so many song birds.

The thistle (popular ingredient in finch food mixes) bushes were plentiful and dozens of gold finches were feasting. I was fortunate to get to watch these little birds pull out the thistle seeds in a natural setting.

This place has unlimited potential and has started off in the right direction in my opinion. In the years ahead, as the fields and wetlands mature, pathways improve, and trees grow up it will have an even greater look and appeal.

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