Friday, July 24, 2009

French Creek State Park (Dragonfly Season)

A visit to Scott's Run Lake at French Creek State Park was the destination on a warm humid summer afternoon. Scott's Run was calm with just a couple boats and shore fishermen.

Dragonflies were buzzing everywhere. It must be mating season for many were flying in tandem and connected. There are so many varieties of them too. Most common are little fluorescent blue, a few big green, blue-green, double-banded wings, brown, and even reddish ones were spotted.

Max and I explored the heavily grown-up North shore first where the dragonflies dominated, then crossed the dam and traveled the South shore line and woods trails for some scenic pix.

The paths were not very muddy until the seeps and wetland spots were encountered. As usual, F.C.S.P. is always a fulfilling outing.


  1. I found very different species of dragonfly in our meadow, widow skimmer, black saddlebags, etc. They are also fewer and far between. Lucky you to see so many!

  2. The Widow Skimmer is common at Scotts Run (last dragonfly pix), but I don't recall ever seeing a Black Saddlebags species. Thanks for the feedback.