Friday, July 3, 2009

Antietam Lake (Awesome AM!)

Max and I headed out for a mild weather retreat to the Antietam Lake and falls. We parked at the same spot off Angora Rd.

By walking along the road, over the little bridge, you can get to the road along the lake. Stream crossings are another option, but it was running a little too deep for my boots.

Waterproof high top boots are essential gear for many of the photo walks in this journal. Many times the mud goes up to the ankles and would clearly suck a shoe-type hiker right off your foot. I even had it past the tops of the boots just once.

The truck wide road along the lake turns into a foot path near the dam. Once you get above the dam, the spring and trail become one for about 30 feet of soupy, wet mud and rocks.

The knobby tread of the boot fills up with mud, making rock hopping slippery, but it would be down right treacherous without good treads.

Overcast skies once again make the lighting tricky, but colors fully saturated. With poor light and without a tripod, improvising by using stumps and boulders is routine.

We followed the trail all the way to the Seidel Rd about .75 miles from the parking.

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