Saturday, July 11, 2009

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

Two "must-see" events at State College (aka Penn State) include the Arts Festival and football games. In July many thousand alums, families, and art fans congregate and reunite for a long weekend of fun on the streets of State College and Penn State Campus.

Heister Street was closed for street chalk painting. Allen Street had a band stand, and water activities for kids. Sand sculptures. Food vendors, albeit overpriced, lined the street too.

Tents for photographer's, painters, jewelers, plus glass and wood workers meandered for about of mile. To my delight, a high concentration of photographer's showed off their various destinations and print processing techniques.

Penn State has added some great buildings over the past 10 years. Possibly my favorite new one is the Information Technology Sciences building, a curving, soft "S" shape straddles Atherton St.

Finishing off the morning was a delicious lunch at the Indian Cuisine restaurant on Calder Way.


  1. In the third picture above...are those chalk pictures on the street? Thanks for writing! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Hi Shannon, Yes. It's amazing chalk art and sadly temporary.