Sunday, September 7, 2008

French Creek - Scotts Run

The morning after hurricane Hanna blew through our area dumping inches of rain and swelling the lakes and streams we visited French Creek State Park.

We meandered around Scotts Run Lake area which was rushing over the dam down the channel. The channel usually has a trickle, but this day it was small stream. We headed through the woods along the stream. It's an unmarked trail on maps, but I'd simply call it Scotts Run Trail. Nevertheless, it's well traveled but has some year round muddy spots and challenging log crossings. Waterproof hightop hiking boots recommended.

Today I encountered a mountain biker who ironically was carrying his bike due to the deep mud and logs. I asked him if he actually biked this trail and he said he has. The mood in the woods was of a rain forest. Super green, humid and dripping everywhere with patches of sunlight sneaking through the canopy. The stream was roaring loud versus the usual babbling brook. This scene offers technical photo challenges due to the darkness, and/or high contrast where the sun beams shine through. Since I don't carry a tripod, I use whatever means I can, raising ISO's, EV overrides, and leaning on a tree or stump to get the shots.

Max has an alter ego when on the trails for he runs through mud puddles and steps in the streams while around the house he avoids even stepping in wet grass.

We walked along Park Road to the Lenapi Trail (Green Blaze) and came back to Scotts Run to exit the park.

10A-12, Warm, humid.

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