Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birdsboro Waters (Hay Creek Watershed)

The old route 82 parking area looks rough and uninviting as usual. Past the fence is the "gauntlet of poo" for every dog needs to relieve themselves in the first 300 yards right in the road. Tread lightly and keep your head down. It's a very popular place for dog walking.

The Birdsboro Waters, part of Hopewell Big Woods and the Hay Creek Road and Watershed area, never disappoints. Such variety of photo subject matter as well the natural beauty make this a regular stop for a Photo/Nature Walk.

The shoulder of the road is where the photo action is today. Wildflowers and insect activity abound. Birding is possible, but not so good with a dog though.

Milkweed infested with bright orange Milkweed Bugs caught my eye. The Milkweed Bugs lived on the pod while the Tiger Caterpillars feasted on the leaves. Goldenrods were plentiful and populated with Locust Borer insects.

Today's journey included a walk down SR82, a lap around the Birdsboro Reservoir. When I crest the hill and get the first glimpse of the Birdsboro Reservoir I feel fortunate to live so close to this special place. Two groups of four horseback riders enjoyed the lake. The return trip was along the canal. I estimate about 2 miles for I've done this route many time with the pedometer. It's a fickle little tool and wasn't working this trip.

11AM-12:30, 65 degrees and sunny, camera, water bottle, t-shirt, shorts & hiking boots.

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