Saturday, September 13, 2008

Neversink Mountain - South

Overlooking the Rt 422 corridor near I-176 junction, I've been driving by this range for years wandering how the views are. Thankfully for the Elverson Hikers blog, I was able to learn about the many trails to explore. See Neversink Mountain Preserve for .pdf trail map.

At the picturesque Forest Hills Cemetery, I picked up the Klapperhall Trail then turned onto the Neversink South Trail and started the ascent. The trail had rocky stretches, rocks like the ones next to railroad tracks, but then changes to packed dirt based. Looks like they have had races, bikes and foot, in the past.

I could sense and imagine a view behind the thick canopy of trees and believe that once the leaves fall, it will be impressive. I'd estimate that about a mile into the hike, there was a man-made clearing with the highly anticipated panoramic views of the valley below. Awesome! The Schuylkill River has a severe bend and is paralleled by train tracks. Poplar Neck and the treatment plant were in the foreground.

Not far from the overlook the power lines cross the trail. The flora changes dramatically here too to wildflowers and field weeds due to the lack of shade that the forest provided previously.

10-11:30AM, Hot ~85 and humid.

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