Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welkinweir Arboretum

I learned of this location on the Hopewell Big Woods website. Welkinweir houses the headquarters for Green Valley Association and is located on Prizer Rd, Pottstown which is a few miles north of Rt 100 and Rt 401 intersection, a.k.a. Ludwigs Corner.

Situated on 197 rolling acres of wildflower meadows, woodlands and containing ponds of various sizes, this site offers a variety of photo subjects. Initially, I was drawn to the numerous wild plant species that were in their fall colors. A variety of trees are on the property too with some spectacular Red Maples in full scarlet glory.

The A.M. sun was soft offering perfect back light situations. I primarily took macros most of the morning. The trail around the large pond had a quaint bridge crossing the water's exit path at the top of the damn. Little birds were fluttering all around too. Based on the abundance of berry bushes, their winter food supply looks plentiful.

I startled a pair of Wood Ducks on the large pond which later I saw in the pond named "Seep". The old growth forest in the back of the property had some trees of impressive color and scale. There are man made gardens and some historic ruins too.

The online visitors guide shares a map and basic rules for visiting this private gem. I would add tick repellent for the tiny menaces were plentiful and active.

AM temp from 45-55 and we walked a couple miles in about two hours.


  1. Did you know? Welkinweir means ''Where Sky Meets Water." Just thought you'd like that little tid-bit. Enjoying your blog: glad I found you. Looking for more places to walk/photograph flora & fauna, water..etc.