Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crow's Nest Preserve (Cold!)

Last week I declared Fall over, so today I am declaring winter has arrived. The outside temp was 28 degrees, windy, and the snow and ice still remain from the Friday storm. I haven't walked in these conditions since February and it sure felt cold.

The Crow's Nest Preserve was understandably empty except for a sole archer who braved the elements for a day in his tree stand. The preserve that was brimming with life and bird activity just three weeks ago has quickly transitioned to it's winter colors and residents. I saw no Wood Ducks or any ducks, but plenty of little song birds were scurrying next to the Creek Trail.

My goal for the day was to walk to the open fields that overlook the lands and capture some dramatic sky shots for a row of heavy clouds was drifting in front of the bright blue backdrop. Max, up unto this point seemed unaffected by the chilly conditions but when we hit the open fields and the wind was blasting us, he practically climbed up my leg to let me know we need to keep moving.
We concluded with a brisk, both speedy and cold, back to the car just in time for the kickoff of the PSU game. Total walk time was about 45 minutes, maybe a mile.

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