Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monocacy Hill

Wow! I hadn't been here in almost two years and it was in the winter. I'm truly sorry I waited this long before returning for the trails were great and the fall colors were vibrant. Monocacy Hill is right off 422 near Douglasville (click for directions).

The Geiger Rd parking lot was almost full when we got there and a car was waiting for me to leave so it was a popular spot on a mild sunny Sunday. The entrance has an information station and a neat wooden book laminated with pictures of the flora from the trails. The trails are adorned with park benches at strategic positions. Another thing I like are the identifying labels on the trees. Throughout the year they organize hikes and one is coming up Sunday, Nov 16.

The course Max & I walked was Monocacy Trail, Creek Trail, Lower Trail, and finally joined Monocacy Trail at the base of the hill. If anybody knows the route I described then they know what comes next.

The Climb
I want to think that I'm in decent shape for I walk about 8-10 measured miles a week, not including incidental walking around, but the climb from Lower Trail to the Lookout is down right HARD. The climb goes from 200-600 ft elevation in about a 1/10th of a mile. In other words it's like climbing the stairs of a 40 story building. After a mid point break and some hard breathing we made it to the top. Max kept looking back at me puzzled as to why I was slow and/or stopped to catch my breath. He appeared completely unphased by the climb.

The rock outcropping at the top offered awesome views from Island Pizza below to Birdsboro and all the way up the 422 corridor. We headed down the Monocacy Trail back to the parking area and concluded our hike. After we left the hill, I took a shot from Island Pizza looking up to overlook.

It was about 55, sunny and we covered about 3.5 miles.

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