Saturday, November 29, 2008

R. B. Winter State Park (Winter Wonderland)

We joined SR192 and had a short 4 miles until we rounded the bend and saw the R.B. Winter State Park and Halfway Lake from the overlook parking lot. It was partially drained and getting lower due to a running pump, but still beautiful with it's 3-6 inches of fresh snow.

This park offers something for everyone for all seasons. A beach, playground, hiking trails, picnic tables, cookout areas, numerous pavilions with fireplaces, concessions and ultra modern heated auto-everything restrooms, all in close proximity to the main parking areas. As a child and teen I remember coming to "Half Way Dam" as we called it back then, for a day on the beach and family cookout. It has been totally upscaled since then and feels resort-like now.

Winter Wonderland
The parking lots were plowed but the park was blanketed in snow. We were the only visitors at that time. Hiking around the beach, picnic areas and stream lined roads and paths was a true challenge and joy to photograph. Max isn't crazy about long exposure to snow for it chills his low lying chest and feet, but he loved being off the leash to run on the empty beach. (Normally he's leashed, but the park was empty)

The outing ended with a frantic search for my cell phone which jumped my belt clip somewhere as we hiked around the park. It turned out to be near the car for that is where I last checked it.

The lighting on the drive home or east bound SR192 spotlighted fields and a great old barn.

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