Saturday, November 15, 2008

French Creek - Hopewell Lake (Fall is Gone)

I'm declaring fall officially over! Despite that we have over a month left in the autumnal equinox, the last leaves dropping are my personal barometer to the changing of the seasons.

What started out as a mild walk in the woods turned into a quagmire. The car said 68 degrees, the sun was out and the skies were blue and loaded with puffy white clouds, so I figured the big sky over Hopewell Lake would make for a dramatic photo subject.

The walk was so muddy starting from the parking lot, the result of hard rains for the past few days. Max splashed and waded through a dozen wet spots as we sloshed along the shore line trail. It was turning grayer as we advanced further and further from the car. So much for my sunset opportunity I thought.

The old beaver lodge appears to be abandoned for the fresh beavers' gnawing's have moved to the other or south side, downstream from the pool. I also saw some fresh beaver downed trees near the small inlet where they lodged two winters ago.

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!
By the time we got to the swimming pool the couple of drops that started near the dam had turned into a drizzle and by the time we got to the picnic area, the drizzle turned into a sideways downpour.

Max just wanted to hide under a picnic table and pray for the rain to stop. I had already bagged up my camera and phone, (I always carry a folded up grocery bag in the bottom of my camera bag) so we pushed on. The rain soaked my clothes and poured down my nylon pants right into my boots so my normally dry feet were soaked and spongy. By now the fun and nostalgia of getting caught in a rain storm was gone.

The rain caused even more trail flash flooding in the last half mile to the car. At this point there was no need to tip-toe and rock-hop across the puddles.

Finally in the car, I wrapped Max in his blanket and then he discovered how nice seat warmers were as he dried all the way home.

Sunny 68-58 turning to torrential downpours.

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