Saturday, January 3, 2009

Antietam Lake (Winter lighting)

The final leg of our outing was Antietam Lake with late afternoon light. We parked at the good-sized Angola Road parking area then crossed the little bridge and got on the trail that runs along the lake. The lake was frozen and covered with a light dusting of snow.

The Antietam Creek was moving, but the rocks were ice covered and shore edges were frozen. Ironically, something so visually interesting and beautiful in person is very hard to photograph due to the extreme contrast.

The last time we visited in late Nov. we had to stop at the seep that crossed (or rather was the trail) for a section above the waterfalls. The mud that was 6" deep, was now semi-frozen so we were able to tip-toe past this wet patch and advance to the upper reaches of the creek.

By upper reaches, I am suggesting about a quarter mile or so. I did not notice if the trail goes past that area for I was stream side and only used the trail when we left. The stream was now fully exposed to the afternoon light but it was dropping quickly behind the hill.

I was as thrilled with this outing as I was my first visit. The Antietam Creek may be the most picturesque one that I have photographed in Berks County.

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