Saturday, January 24, 2009

Old Dry Road Farm (Blue Marsh Lake Is Frozen)

I've been anxious to get back to Old Dry Road Farm at Blue Marsh. A great big blue sky with puffy white clouds made it feel like a Florida sky, but the similarity ends there as the air temp was 34 with gusty cold blasts of wind every few minutes.

One of the best times of year is after they release the fall/winter water. Once the water recedes barren beaches are exposed. River rocks and shale seem to make up the bottom near the shores. Dozens of weathered tree stumps show themselves too.

Due to the prolonged sub-freezing temps the lake was frozen over. I'm very leery of frozen surfaces though for every winter the news has numerous stories about ice related accidents.

After thorough testing, I determined that the ice was indeed thick enough and proceeded to venture out. Max was already running ahead on the icy shoreline. I haven't walked on a frozen lake in many years and it was a surreal experience.

We weren't alone on the ice for there was a lone ice fishermen and numerous frozen over fishing holes from days past. Also, a first for me was seeing three wind powered ice sleds. I believe the sport's called ice sailing.

After about an hour or so hiking on the icy paths and frozen lake, Max was showing signs of being cold, so we headed out.

We passed by the State Hill Boat launch to get close up the ice sail.

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