Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daniel Boone Homestead (Snowy Afternoon)

I typically don't think of Daniel Boone Homestead as a photo walking destination, but driving by yesterday reminded me to research it. After studying their map and website they have plenty of trails and interesting subject matter. I saw some great photos on another PA blogger site by Russ Devan, which inspired me to pay a visit today.

The sub-freezing, snowy conditions were not Max-friendly, so unfortunately he stayed home. Having low clearance and nearly a hairless belly, once he gets his belly wet his body temp drops fast.

The buildings are photogenic and the natural scenery all had a good dusting of fresh snow from Saturday night. I started shooting at the Wayside Lodge then headed to the fields behind the South Picnic Area for some snow macros.

I heard musket fire, so I followed the sound and ended up seeing a good dozen period clad shooters firing at British soldier targets. A loud explosion and puff of smoke accompanies each shot. The D.B. calendar stated it was "Hell or High Water Shoot" day on the shooting range.

I followed the one way drive and stopped at the lot close to the sawmill to photograph it and the nearby dam. I was surprised by the number of visitors the park had today. A handful of dog walkers and hikers were present while the visitor center had a bunch of cars too.

Late in the summer they scheduled a huge encampment (1000's) and battle reenactment. It was very unfortunate that it poured the day we visited, but rain and flint locks are a futile combination so the battles were all cancelled.

I am looking forward to more visits, at least seasonal.

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