Saturday, January 31, 2009

French Creek State Park (Scotts Run - crusty snow)

The lighting was fabulous in spite of the chilly 24 degrees. Blue skies, blue shadows, white snow, and a glistening reflecting crust were too much to resist so I bundled up the hound and we headed to Scotts Run at French Creek State Park.

The pristine snow had a thick crust and was undisturbed until Max and I walked on it down the path along the channel. He was able to walk on the surface while I crunched through on every step.

Considering how many people were around the lake, I was surprised no one had trekked down along the little Scotts Run. It was moving so fast that very little ice formed along the edges or on the rocks.

Max kept a speedy pace for I presume due to the cold and lack of scents to track. It was one of the easiest trips on that trail ever. The few inches of snow was hard so literally no obstacles needed navigation. Seemed like no time to get down to Park Rd and back up the green blazed (Lenape) trail to the parking lot.

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