Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birdsboro Reservoir (Hay Creek Watershed)

I've been anxious to get back to the Birdsboro Reservoir and to see the streams and springs along the way to the lake. The shoulders of the dead end on SR82 were full of parked cars.

It was a mild 33 and sunny, so I expected some dark shadows. Compensating for shadows is a constant challenge to photographers.

Camera light meters can be programmed in different ways, but their main intent is to interpret the available light and calculate the best aperture and shutter settings to achieve a neutral gray light situation.

Many cameras today have preset compensation settings for sun, snow, and dark scenes. I will adjust using EV+/- to override the light meter and bracket too for insurance.

The Birdsboro Reservoir Lake was semi-frozen and a steady breeze kept the water surface moving.

Going to the Dogs
I do love visiting this area for the natural beauty, but I am less then thrilled by some of my fellow dog owners. They indiscriminately allow their dogs to drop in the road. Many are off their leashes and charge up to people and dogs to get a closer look, smell or even confrontation. I expect that this irresponsible ownership will lead to some not-so-dog-friendly rules.

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