Saturday, February 7, 2009

Philadelphia (Comcast Center)

The newest member of the Philly skyline is the Comcast Center. The Philadelphia Inquirer called it the memory stick building, but that reporter obviously hasn't been up close to this simply elegant skyscraper.

At 57 stories, 975 foot tall, it's hard to miss this silver-blue glass structure, which officially opened June 2008.

I found this good website called which has 100's of photos of the 50 tallest buildings in Philly and features an exhaustive and diverse photo essay of the Comcast Center.

After going through these photo essays, it makes you realize there is so much you can do with photography on a single subject when you stretch your visual horizons. Great and inspirational work!

Not only is the exterior dramatic, the lobby of the building is cool too. A mild-mannered wood wall amazingly converts to a giant high def video screen (some 85 feet wide) without warning.

I researched the building before our walk, so I was expecting something to happen once I got to the lobby, but still was in awe.

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