Monday, February 16, 2009

Neversink Mountain (Southern Views - No Leaves)

The small "No Outlet" Klapperthal Rd next to the Forest Hills Cemetery leads back to the Neversink Mountain Preserve parking area. It was 35 degrees, sunny, with blue skies and white clouds.

Max was more then ready for the outing, squealing with glee as we approached. We headed straight to the clearing overlook on Neversink South Trail. The walk was brisk, but the incline seemed mild compared to my memory of it. Maybe the 50 degree difference in temps (from Sept 13 visit) had something to do with the relative ease of the hike.

A few mountain bikers were on the trail, but hikers were elsewhere in the park. After the quick walk from the clearing, we tried the fairly strenuous Cove Trail. Ultimately, it just ends up at a higher elevation then the South Trail, but a much harder climb and lessor views from what I saw.

With over 2 miles covered we headed out.

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