Sunday, February 15, 2009

Philadelphia (Great Food and Dessert)

One of the great things about Philadelphia is the array of amazing food choices. While in Chinatown we ate at the highly regarded Vietnam Restaurant on N. 11th St. Great atmosphere and food as expected.

After clearing our plates, we wanted to walk off the big meal, so we headed over to Rittenhouse Square to sample a gelato place that a local recommended.

Capogiro Gelato on 117 S. 20th St (2nd location on 119th S. 13th) was delicious. With nearly 30 creamy hand made flavors, you couldn't make a bad choice. A small cup includes two flavors, so quick math concluded that it would only take about 15 visits to try every one of them. Stay tuned.

On the way to the car ($5 all day parking again), a quick visit to the Comcast Center lobby topped off the day. Walking in the city is pretty easy and we covered over 3.5 miles in the few hours.

Day trips are a great way to add variety to winter, hence the slight deviation from Berks subjects in this blog. I love shooting nature and scenics, but cityscape's offer a different and fun challenge.

With fuel still at a decent rate, compared to last year, day trips are like mini-vacations. Lancaster is about 45 minutes, Philadelphia about 1 hour. Many people I know regularly commute those distances, so I guess it's really not that far.

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