Saturday, February 7, 2009

Philadelphia Center City (Mother of all Photo Walks!)

Forecast was for a mild, sunny Saturday, so I met an old friend for the mother of all photo walks. Around 2:00 PM, we parked at a $5 all day lot at 16th and Spring St, just a couple blocks from City Hall.

Adjacent to City Hall and at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is the JFK Park, aka LOVE Park, where the iconic LOVE statue resides. A lot of people were posing for pictures under it. A couple passed me their camera to me to take a few shots of them.

Like most big cities, Philadelphia is a great venue for architecture photography. Side-by-side are buildings built 100 years apart. Classic old ornate facades next to sleek tinted glass and polished metal ones can be found. This is common in Boston too.

More posts to follow.

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