Saturday, May 2, 2009

Antietam Lake (Wildflower Trail)

A cloudy AM outing to Antietam Lake trails yielded wildflower sightings and great views of the Antietam Creek.

We parked on Antietam Road in the area immediately overlooking the dam. Max & I followed the trail north along the creek, through the woods and eventually along a wetlands area to Seidel Rd (~0.6 mi r/t).

I am still learning the names of the flowers, but purple (Violets), pink, yellow (Buttercups), and white (Anomone) were all the colors present. I estimate about 10+ distinct plants in all.

The lighting was muted due to the cloud cover which made the fresh colors even more vivid. I especially love spring because the trees and plants are forming perfect leaves and flowers before they are damaged by insects, weather, and natural aging.


  1. The picture of the creek looks so picturesque (and the water looks cold!)

  2. Hi KSR, Thanks for the feedback. Antietam Creek as it rushes towards the reservoir is one of the best photo subjects around.

    I agree that it looks cold. Must be really moving now after two straight days of rain.

    I visited Lancaster for my first, First Friday and it was great! Coming back this summer sometime I hope.