Friday, May 15, 2009

French Creek State Park (Green is the Word)

It's amazing how the vegetation has exploded in the past month, from the winter browns to the most vibrant greens of the year.

French Creek State Park was my Friday afternoon sanctuary. Max & I started at Hopewell Lake and meandered along the stream up to Scotts Run.

Around Hopewell I saw a swan, mallard ducks, wildflowers and the beaver making a lake crossing. Along the stream were frogs & wildflowers and lush vegetation.

The reeds/cattails at Scotts Run are home to a giant bull frog and a water snake. Also along the boat shore line were a two more water snakes.

Fishermen were out in force, with at least a dozen from the shore and another handful of boats working the lake. I saw many perch close to the shore.

Tiny tad poles discolored the shore line of the normally crystal clear water to dense wiggling black mass that could be scooped up by the handful. It's amazing that so few will reach maturity considering the millions that are born.

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