Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green Lane Park (Impressive First Visit)

After a brief visit to Trout Run, there was plenty of daylight to visit Green Lane Park Reservoir, about 20 minutes northeast of Boyertown. The temp was about 55 with a stiff breeze.

Not knowing the area, I was fortunate that the road I chose led me to a park office. The first thing I noticed was a dock with a bunch of little row boats for rent with dual 12 volt car batteries for the optional electric motor. ($15/hr for the electric boats)

A family of geese swam by, both parents and four fuzzy yellow babies. Picnickers were enjoying the geese too. At the end of the large parking lot was a sign for White Tail Nature Trail. Max & I took the trail into the woods and immediately came upon some nice wildflowers patches.

At the bridge, the trail splits. We followed the blue blaze along the shore line while the trail into the woods had a white blaze. It was a picturesque path through mature diverse woods that extended to the lake.

Different sections of this trail reminded me of other trails I frequent. It was similar to French Creek's Scotts Run, opposite the boat launch, and Blue Marsh's Old Dry Road Farm shore line. It may have similarities, but it was still great on its own merits. The experience helps me to appreciate what's a little closer to home though.

Most of the shore fishermen, numbering about six, were bundled up due to gusty cool breeze that probably dipped the air temp into the 40's. Not much biting either from my observation.

Max and I must have gone nearly a mile and we turned around when the trail met a gorge and re-routed into the woods.

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