Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monocacy Hill (Wildflowers and Wind)

Sadly, I have missed all of the official Monocacy Hill wildflower walks this spring, so I knew there should be flora present when I do get to visit.

The information kiosk at the parking lot had photographs with captions of all the spring flowers in the recreation area. Max & I followed the path to the Monocacy Hill Trail, a one mile "moderate" hike straight up the ridge to the overlook.

At the kiosk, I mentally checked off the Wild Geranium (purple), Yellow Stargrass, Columbine (red and large), Solomann's Seal (looks like a string of bells before flowering), Early Saxifrage, Rue Anemone, Spring Beauty (pinkish center,white petals), Mayapple (white), and Common Blue Violet (purple).

Wildflowers are a great color accent to the dominant green pallet of spring. The Monocacy Hill Trail had plenty of patches of flowers all the way to the lookout. The wind caused motion and blurred many photo attempts, but perseverance prevailed with a few nice shots to bring home.


  1. i'm writing to you in response to your 1/31/09 post about the birdsboro armorcast building. i'm doing a little research myself, and i was just wondering what information you had on the complex or where you acquired it.

  2. Dillon, Email me and I'll send you some links to all the internet research I did.

    Thanks for checking out the post.