Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trout Run & Boyertown Reservoirs

I was researching potential areas for Berks Awhile on satellite maps and saw two large bodies of water near Boyertown. (Water is one of my favorite subjects). One was Trout Run Reservoir and the other was the Boyertown Reservoir.

On the approach from Powder Mill Hollow Road, the first thing you see is Trout Run dam. A drive across the dam offers great views of the lake and the valley below. Considering all the rain we experienced recently, the lake appeared low for there were large barren shores.

On the Internet, I found little on the area as far as trails and photos, but it is apparent that this is a prominent fishing locale. Even an upcoming fishing competition was posted.

Max and I parked at the east end parking lot then followed a towpath down to the gooey shore. Lighting was harsh and winds were strong so good photographic opportunities were limited. I think fall would make a much better photo stop.

Boyertown Reservoir was a drive by, for low water, little parking and under construction.

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